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Do you allow for out-of-area adoptions?

We do allow for adoptions to homes outside of the area in which the dog you wish to adopt, however, it may take longer for the adoption to take place due to the time involved in locating a rescuer in your area to conduct the pre-adoption home visit on our behalf. Additionally, we will NOT ship pets. You will need to make arrangements to meet with one of our volunteers in that area to complete the adoption.

We want a pet, but not indoors.

If you are intending to keep the pet as a yard pet, we will DENY the application. Our pets are raised as indoor animals, and our foster homes spend a tremendous amount of time socializing them as such.

What if my pet gets sick after the adoption?

You are responsible for all medical care after the adoption agreement is signed unless other arrangements have been made. Each adopter has the option to purchase a pet insurance policy from a third party that covers various illnesses due to parasites, worms or even eating objects they shouldn’t. You will receive copies of all veterinary records with your adoption contract so that your vet will know your pet’s medical history. If there are any health concerns with the pet you are adopting, the pet will remain in our care until our vet has given a clean bill of health. This may include kennel cough, skin issues, and parasites. Additionally, no pet will be released for adoption until after the spay and neuter have been completed. This is in accordance with state laws regarding the sterilization of pets from animal shelters and rescues.

Why is my pet microchipped?

All pets that are rescued through Harlee's Angels are microchipped prior to adoption. This provides information for your pet to be returned to you if he gets lost and ends up at animal control, a veterinary office, or another rescue. Keeping your contact information for your pet up to date is the adopter’s responsibility. Depending upon the manufacturer, there may be a yearly or lifetime registration fee involved, which is not included in adoption fees.

Why is a home visit and why is it required?

A home visit is an in-home pre-adoption interview. You will be visited by a Harlee's Angels volunteer and usually the pet you are wanting to adopt if the pet is in your area. This is to verify the information provided on the adoption application as well as explain our adoption policies. This also allows you to see how the pet may behave in the new environment and interact with any potential four-legged siblings.

Why is the adoption fee so high?

The adoption fee only covers a portion of our investment into the care of your adopted pet. Your pet has been part of a foster home they have received love, socialization, and training. In addition, pets are current on all vaccinations as needed for their age unless otherwise noted, microchipped, and spayed/neutered prior to adoption. Taking all the costs of feeding and other supplies as well, our adoption fee is really very minimal.

What do the adoption fees cover?

Adoption Fees

Adoption Fee Includes:

Current Shots, Microchip, Deworming, Heartworm test (adult dogs), Spay/Neuter


All pets are microchipped prior to adoption from Harlee's Angels. Depending upon the company used, there may be a yearly or lifelong registration fee required. This fee is not included in HA's stated adoption fees and is the responsibility of the adopter.

Why do I need a veterinary reference?

We will call to check all vet references. If your current pets are not current on their shots by more than two months or are not spayed/neutered, we will deny the application. It is important for your pet’s lifetime health that they receive their annual shots. Additionally, it is a state law that all pets, dogs, and cats, receive an annual rabies vaccination. It is also essential that pets are kept current on their monthly heartworm preventative. Heartworms are not only deadly to your pet, but the treatments to eliminate them far exceed the cost to prevent them.

Will the pet be spayed or neutered?

Per state law and Harlee's Angels' mission, all pets are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. There are no exceptions. Pediatrics will be altered after reaching eight weeks of age.

What if my current pets are not spayed or neutered?

If the current pets in your home are not currently spayed or neutered, we will not move forward with your application. Many territorial and behavior issues are related to un-sterilization, and it can cause issues when a new pet is brought into the home. If you are interested in having your pet spayed/neutered so that you may adopt one of our pets, we will happily reconsider your application once proof of spay is provided.

How long before I may adopt my pet?

We are an all-volunteer organization with full-time jobs. As such, applications are typically reviewed after 6 pm, and adoptions will not usually take place the same day as an application is received. Additionally, pets must be spayed or neutered and current on shots prior to adoption. This may seem like a long time for you, however, we want to ensure our pets are going to the best home for them and that you are getting a healthy pet. Please be patient.

Why do I have to fill out an adoption application?

Harlee's Angels put much more than just money into our pets. Our volunteers and foster parents treat them like family. We want to ensure that the pet you want to adopt is the right fit for your family as well. We use applications, vet reference checks, and in-home interviews to ensure this.

Where may I see the pets available for adoption?

Harlee's Angels is a foster home organization. Adoptions are by appointment only as we are volunteers. Meet and greets are scheduled after adoption applications have been received and approved.

Is this pet still available for adoption?

Our Facebook page is updated daily. Until a pet has received an adoption deposit, they remain listed online. If you are interested in a pet with littermates, please include a second choice as we review applications in the order they are received, and your choice may already have an application pending review. Even if adoption is pending, we will still accept applications in the event that the first one falls through. Click this text to start editing. 

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