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Each division of Harlee's Angels Rescue, Inc. has its own division director who determines which animals they intake rescue, including breed and is responsible for their own division's expenses and fundraising. The divisions have their own adoption fees and guidelines to adopt. 

The email addresses for each division director are located on the Contact US page. 


California and Central Plains

  • Lee Stevens (Central Plains)

  • Shawna Hamon (SoCal)

  • Juanesha Palmer (NoCal)




  • Joan Pointer  (Delaware)

  • Nancy Rodman and Penny Robert (Western PA)



  • Tami Fowler (Pug/Boston/Frenchie)

  • Tammy Queen (Shih Tzu/Small Breed)

  • Amber Mercer (Medical Sanctuary)


Handi-Capable Ranch

 Southern California/Southwestern US/Tijuana

The title of this division of the rescue says a lot. They have dogs that are forever in their care, sanctuary-hospice stats. This is where our greatest vet medical expense comes in. They all have a story. Many were from shelters. In fact almost all we’re pulled from death row. They each are loved, cared for, and spoiled. Without the sanctuary ranch, they would have been killed.



Hoofin' Around Ranch

Northern California


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