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Southern Division
Tami Fowler - Southern Division (South Carolina/Georgia Coastal Base)

What's Happening in HASD:
  •  Novajean's Surgery Beginning of June
  •  New Arrival 5/6/19 Poco Loco Coco
  •  New Arrivals 5/9/19 Xena and Tater
  •  Jeni Mauve 2nd & 3rd heart worm fast kill treatment injection 
  •  Heidi's vet exam recheck for cancer first week of June
Available for Adoption:
HASD Adoption APP.doc (DOC — 84 KB)

Jeni Mauve
Valley Bulldog 4/5 years currently on slow kill heart worm treatment per vet. 
Would prefer to be the only dog. Stubborn with a sweet personality. Would benefit from a routine and training. Prefers to be lazy. 
Currently accepting application. 
Fostered in Inman SC

New Arrivals:

Meet Heidi our newest little lady. She was brought into the ER vet to be pts due to a chronic UTI. 
She’s between 11-13, has some dry eye going on, a cyst on her tail area that hasn’t grown since 2007 according to previous owners vet records. A great organization has offered a medical grant for her as well! The ER vets didn’t charge us for her bill where they treated her when the owners dropped her off! How awesome was that! She will see our rescue vet March 11th for an exam. Heidi's been moved to hospice status and not available or adoption. 

Meet Novajean our newest little charmer. She arrived today from a shelter in SC. As you can see in the picture, Novajean has a large tumor, she will head to our vet January 29th for an exam and plan of medical treatment. 
Novajean tumor surgery will be a little more complicated than we thought. She has an episode at the vet's office where she passes out when they tried to take blood. Plus we have noticed when she lays on her back and side she stops breathing. X'ray were taken along with an Ultrasound. Bloodwork was wonky. Really not sure if the tumor skewed the number or if the numbers are really indicting Hemolytic Anemia. We do know a vet specialist will have to perform the surgery with her breathing issues and the surgery will be risky. However, not having surgery isn't an option according to one vet since the tumor take a toll on her daily life and wear her out. We're checking with area specialist to see what the best surgical options are for this little girl. We'll post we more information is given. 

Southern Division ONLY rescues the following breeds:
*Boston Terriers 
*English Bulldogs (only if the local EB rescue is full, we will take)
*French Bulldogs 

Owner Surrender Form:
Owner Surrender Form.docx (DOCX — 22 KB)