Harlee's Angels - a non-profit 501(c)3 rescue
How to Adopt A Dog From Harlee's Angels

Fill out an application, located under FORMS. 

Once your application is received, we will process it. Harlee's Angles is an all volunteer rescue and we have full time jobs outside of the rescue. Please have patience while we process your application. 

We WILL contact your vet and references.
If ANY of your animals in your household are not properly vetted your application will be denied. If you take your animals to a mobile vet clinic, make sure you have that information, the form they give you and attach it in the email. This way we will have the information. YOUR ANIMALS MUST BE HW NEGATIVE AND ON HEARTWORM MEDICATION or your application will be denied. If their not, please do not waste our time in submitting an application. 

 If you pass the vet and reference part of the process, then you will receive a phone interview from one of our volunteers. 

Next a volunteer will call you to set up a home visit. You CANNOT adopt from us if you refuse to let us visit your home. That is an automatic denial. 

After the home visit, you will receive a home call or email, letting you know the status of your application. Approved or Denied. 

You MUST pick up the dog you are approved to adopt. We do not transport dogs. We do not put dogs on any paid or volunteer transport. If you cannot pick up the dog you are applying for, please do NOT apply for that dog. We are nationwide and will have different division near your location. 

We do NOT take payments for the adoption fee. If you have to make payments, then you cannot afford the long term care an animal requires. Period. 

Adoption fee's are NOT negotiable. If you would like to know the fee of an animal available for adoption, please email and ask. We do not make a profit on animals. We have more vetting cost in the animals than what the adoption fee covers.  

Adoption Fees

*Adoption Fee:
$400 puppy - 1 years
$300 ages 2 - 6 years 
$200 ages 7- 9 years 
$150 ages 10 years and older
$100 Senior to Senior program


Fee includes:
Vaccines, health exam, heartworm test, fecal, dental (if vet deems necessary), altered

*if you are approved to adopt, please note we do not accept personal checks. Adoption fee can be paid in the following ways: PayPal or Cash. 

All pets are microchipped prior to adoption from Harlee's Angels. Depending upon the company used, there may be a yearly or lifelong registration fee required. This fee is not included in HA's stated adoption fees and is the responsibility of the adopter.

30 Days Pet Insurance
As a Petfinder member, all adopters are entitled to a free 30 day insurance policy through PetFirst. Harlee's Angels is not responsible for this policy. Adopters must call PetFirst’s toll-free number 855-710-7387 to activate the coverage. If adopters fail to call, the policy will not be activated.