Harlee's Angels - a non-profit 501(c)3 rescue

 There are many little one in the rescue that simply cannot be adopted. They are called sanctuary or hospice angels. They are not healthy, hence why they cannot be adopted. They must have monthly medication and some vet visits. They depend on us to take care of them until it’s their time to cross the rainbow bridge. They are loved, pampered and spoil by their foster family until they are no longer with us. Even when that time comes, they still depend on us to help, if needed, cross the bridge, bury or cremate their little bodies. This cost is expensive as well, yet they deserve the expense, they were our special little angels whose paw will ever be printed on our hearts.  As mentioned earlier we have several little angels. 

The following are our Forever Hospice Angels, They are either Seniors or Disabled and will live out the rest of their days with one of our human Angels or Fosters, Please feel free to donate toward their care.

Maizie is a little over a year old and came to us from Missouri.  A rescue friend found her on CL where she was listed by a woman claiming to be a rescuer.  Maizie spent the first 12 weeks of her life in a tiny cage at a flippin' pet store.  No one wanted her because she walked funny.  We didn't hesitate and brought this tiny firecracker into our group.  What we hoped to be minor issues turned out to be grade 4 luxating patellas on both knees..this means her kneecaps were on the sides of her legs.  Maizie has gone thru 2 surgeries to try to straighten her legs and a separate procedure to remove a pin that snapped into.  Her current status is very guarded.  Her left leg is not too bad, but her right leg will never be correct.  With this said she looks, walks and sits funny.  Her legs could go out at any moment.  She will remain at HQ until we are certain she is stable... if she ever is.  This tiny ball of terror doesn't have a clue she is any different than the others.


Percy is 12 years old and blind