Harlee's Angels - a non-profit 501(c)3 rescue

Rosie was abandoned on the side of the road, once rescued made her way to Hickory PA to live out the remainder of her life happy and loved. She enjoyed several happy months before crossing the Rainbow Bridge.Rosie


This darling little angel is now at peace on the other side of the bridge. Bogey had a grand mal seizure this morning and passed away. He was fine at 8am, but by 11 he was gone. Tori is in the hospital so she was not with her baby when he passed, but he did not cross the bridge alone. Bogey will always be a Harlee's Angels angel. He was our first Louisiana baby. Godspeed you crazy little man.

Humanely Euthanzied April 2014  Pulled from the streets of Tijuana, this poor soul did not reach us in time.  He was in so much pain we had to give him the give of peace.  His ashes rest alongside Harlee, Cosmo and Kramer #1.